Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day

For mothers day, my kids...

1. Nearly got in the fist fight during sacrament meeting at church and almost spilled the sacrament tray. It wasn't the little kids either.
2. Cried and stormed out of the room more than once.
3. Lost their church shoes.
4. Tattled
5. Fought with each other.
6. Ate all the chocolate they gave me.
7. Then promptly threw their trash from that chocolate on the ground.
8. Left a crayon on my seat in the car which melted in the 90 degree heat and left a yummy black pool of goo on my seat.

Aaah, another day in the life. Good thing I love those kids.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Random fun stuff

We played kick the can for FHE activity this week. It was so stinking fun.

Cyrus bought me 26 cadbury cream eggs. The kids and I ate them all. Gross.

I love Facebook. I have vowed to stop letting it usurp this blog but it has been so fun to catch up with so much of my family. Two of my cousins are heroes and I never would have known but for facebook. One cousin is a medic in the army and he saved an afghan family who had acid thrown on them. The other is an inner city principal who has started a program to make sure kids in his school aren't hungry over the weekends and he has made huge strides in academics in his school. He was a national principal of the year. Plus also, my family is hilarious. Living in Texas has been a really lonely endeavor for me, but every day someone in my family makes me laugh on Facebook.

Sam rides his bike with no training wheels. He learned in about November. He loves it and we ride all over town.

My friend came over to make bread the other day and we yakked the entire day away. It was fun.

The other week at church I spied a deacon checking Carolyn out when he walked by. I almost put my foot out to trip him.

The end.

Jr high

So, I took Carolyn to Jr high for the first time last night. Really it was an elective information night but for me it was a shock to my system. Crazy things about last night:

1. There are almost as many children in seventh and eighth Grade at this school as there were people in my entire town growing up.
2. The kids who do sports have to go to school at 6:30 in the morning then school doesn't get out until about 3:45. That is a long day!!!!
3. I am way too young to have a kid in Jr high
4. Texas has an early graduation plan. If Carolyn does it she will go to college in 5 years.
5. Carolyn was literally the prettiest girl I saw at that school. Cyrus thinks we should home school.
6. Half way through the night, Carolyn ditched me to go hang out with her friends but then ten minutes later she was worriedly hunting for me. At least she still kinda likes me.

My girl is growing up. I love it and I love to watch her grow into a beautiful, confident girl but a big part of me wants to push pause because all of a sudden the days of listening to her pretend are being taken over by days of neighborhood boys showing up at the door to see if she wants to play football with them. I prefer the former but am warming up to the realities of the latter.

So, ready or not Jr. High here we come.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

I already wrote this one facebook but just in case you still read this blog..... ok there probably isn't anyone who still reads this blog so this is more for my memory but...

We live by this neighborhood full of mansions. I mean literally. The houses are like 10,000 sq feet and a new one is going up. We drove by and Katie says. "Mom, are they building Hogwarts or something?"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Here is an example of the houses in the neighborhood. The new one has a lot of turrets and towers though.

This is me when I try to cook dinner

Sunday, January 23, 2011

This weekend, Sam and Cyrus went skiing in Colorado while the girls and I had a fun all-girl weekend here. Sam had a blast skiing and Cyrus let him eat so much junk food that he puked. It was boy heaven.

The girls all got their hair cut (pictures to come) and we went to see Tangled and ate out for dinner. We also hit the mall... they had so much fun!

Cyrus and Sam are back and we are happy to be together again!

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Years

One of my New Years resolutions was to keep up with this blog better...


I will improve starting today.

The kids and I got sick for the first two weeks of 2011. They were thrilled to be home from school. Probably the biggest difference between TX and OR is my children's reaction to school. There they cried the last day of school. Here they beg me to home school them after every vacation. Alas.

We are still Harry Potter crazy around here. And still happy with daddy working for himself. We've still been playing and reading like crazy. And we've taken up Wii. Man that thing is fun.

Cyrus gave me back my camera finally. He "borrowed" it for about a year when we opened the first practice.

Here are some pictures... the pup is our dog Lucy. She is the best dog in the world. The kids are on the beach in Destin FL.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My boy

This morning my boy and his stuffed dog were sleeping in my bed. I asked my little man why he was in my bed... his reply, "Skittles was scared."

I'm glad I made the stuffed dog feel better.
So I decided to make a mass post... because I keep not posting...

In no particular order.

Hannah is running for student council and thinks maybe she can make it so they do more art projects and get some recess at her school--really she'll get to be in charge of the school service projects and spirit week but she dreams big. I love her go-get-em attitude!!!

The kids have spent the entire year practicing filling in bubbles and preparing to take the big end of the year tests. They finally finished the tests at the end of April and all of a sudden every kid has five big posters and projects due on the same day. It seems the teacher are trying to fill all the real learning experiences into the last month of school since the test is soooooo important here in Texas!!!

The four biggest kids are doing swim team. That means 3 hours a day for mama at the pool. It is long and hot and there is no park nearby. Aaaah the joys of motherhood!!

I miss Oregon less and less everyday but it still pulls at my heartstrings. If only we could make a living there.

Cyrus bought another practice in a town called Humble. It is the direct opposite of the downtown practice. Where the downtown practice is mostly high end professionals, Humble is a working class town. He'll be doing 3 days downtown and 2 in Humble. It is exciting!! Maybe we'll have those loans paid off sooner than we thought!

We took the kids to Disney World... all I can say is it certainly isn't Disneyland. It was fun but we probably won't go back. When we need our Disney fix we'll stick with the LAND...

On the way to Disney World we went to the most beautiful beach on the panhandle of Florida--Destin was the name of the town. It was AMAZING... too fun and beautiful for words.

Sam turned four and is so fired up about reading I can't believe it. He nags me all day to do his spelling words.

Katie is so smart but school here stinks for her. If she doesn't have a better time next year, she is going to come home to school with mama.

Carolyn is playing the flute this fall and Hannah is going to start with the violin. All three girls are going to keep up with their piano. I may start with Sam on the piano this fall--just at home with me. He'll start regular lessons in 1st grade, I think.

We found a beautiful and fabulous house on a cute private lane with 2.2 acres and then someone else bought it.

The fruit here is nasty. We're going to have to grow our own.

Cyrus bought a dog. We had to get one that was hypoallergenic because of his asthma so no rescue pup for us. His hygienist is going to house train it for us. Now we just have to move to a house that allows dogs.

At swim team they were doing this little thing where they had each of the 6 and under swimmers run and jump in the pool when their name was called. All the other kids who couldn't swim just opted to not jump in, but Sam just ran and jumped like he knew what he was doing. The coach pulled him out and Sam says to me, "Mom, I sinked." I told Cyrus that level of fearlessness was dangerous. That kid has got to learn to swim.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Last night Cyrus did our taxes.

Today I saw this picture.

Good times.