Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Random fun stuff

We played kick the can for FHE activity this week. It was so stinking fun.

Cyrus bought me 26 cadbury cream eggs. The kids and I ate them all. Gross.

I love Facebook. I have vowed to stop letting it usurp this blog but it has been so fun to catch up with so much of my family. Two of my cousins are heroes and I never would have known but for facebook. One cousin is a medic in the army and he saved an afghan family who had acid thrown on them. The other is an inner city principal who has started a program to make sure kids in his school aren't hungry over the weekends and he has made huge strides in academics in his school. He was a national principal of the year. Plus also, my family is hilarious. Living in Texas has been a really lonely endeavor for me, but every day someone in my family makes me laugh on Facebook.

Sam rides his bike with no training wheels. He learned in about November. He loves it and we ride all over town.

My friend came over to make bread the other day and we yakked the entire day away. It was fun.

The other week at church I spied a deacon checking Carolyn out when he walked by. I almost put my foot out to trip him.

The end.

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anjie said...

I like random updates. Yours is terrific. I feel like I just had a mini-conversation with you and your funny descriptions. Well, I don't feel like I had a conversation with your descriptions, but I'm too tired to re-work that sentence. You know what I mean.