Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Jr high

So, I took Carolyn to Jr high for the first time last night. Really it was an elective information night but for me it was a shock to my system. Crazy things about last night:

1. There are almost as many children in seventh and eighth Grade at this school as there were people in my entire town growing up.
2. The kids who do sports have to go to school at 6:30 in the morning then school doesn't get out until about 3:45. That is a long day!!!!
3. I am way too young to have a kid in Jr high
4. Texas has an early graduation plan. If Carolyn does it she will go to college in 5 years.
5. Carolyn was literally the prettiest girl I saw at that school. Cyrus thinks we should home school.
6. Half way through the night, Carolyn ditched me to go hang out with her friends but then ten minutes later she was worriedly hunting for me. At least she still kinda likes me.

My girl is growing up. I love it and I love to watch her grow into a beautiful, confident girl but a big part of me wants to push pause because all of a sudden the days of listening to her pretend are being taken over by days of neighborhood boys showing up at the door to see if she wants to play football with them. I prefer the former but am warming up to the realities of the latter.

So, ready or not Jr. High here we come.

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